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Private EventsTestimonials 

"Thank you all so much. It was really nice to have that someone who took care of everything to then allow me the beauty of just enjoying The Day without worrying about anything...Marvelous." - Karen Nippress

"Some touches we thought were great: jasmine flowers in the guest bathroom – ice-cold towels at just the right moment – Joyce arranging flowers I had been given in a vase and putting them straight on the table – remaining birthday cake left in the fridge for me the next morning.

Joyce was able to glean what I wanted with absolutely minimal direction and pleasantly accommodated some very specific requests from me re. staff, cake, chillies. 

I found Joyce’s approach very refreshing.  The questions asked at first meeting and her approach in general gave me much confidence that she could handle what we were looking for – she did so with great aplomb." - Sarah Kerner

"I've really been thinking about this all day... the name The Hidden Host is so appropriate.  Excellent. It was just great to have everything taken care of! Preparation, timing, clearing, cleaning, etc.  Your staff were really good and pleasant  I just felt very comfortable and confident that everything would go smoothly.  (A couple of my guests commented on how nice it was that I didn't have to worry about things in the kitchen) nor did I have to go to lengths to explain to someone what needed to be done." - Charlotte Abe



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